GroundWiz Manual


  What's New in GroundWiz 1.920?
  GroundWiz Full & Lite
  Copyrights & Trademarks
  System Requirements
  GroundWiz Full License Agreement
  GroundWiz Lite License Agreement
  Contact Information

GroundWiz Terrain Map
  Key Features
  Technical Overview
  Reference Guide
    GroundWiz Preview
    GW Global Settings
    GW Layer Tree
    GW Layer Data
    GW Layer Extended Channels
    GW Layer Distribution
  GroundWiz Output
  GroundWiz Material Samples
  Issues with GW Terrain Map

GroundWiz Planter
  Why GroundWiz Planter?
  Technical Overview
  How to Start GroundWiz Planter
  Reference Guide
    Display: Obj / Tri
    Render Settings
    Planter Objects
    Setup Transformations
    Setup Collisions / Layers
    Setup Planting Zones
    Planting Tools
  Issues with GW Planter
  GroundWiz Planter MAXScript API

GroundWiz Variation Map

GroundWiz mental ray Shaders

GroundWiz Terrain Importing
  Importing files
    Terragen World / Surface Files
    Terrain Files
  Issues with Importing

  Tutorial 1: Introduction to Basics...
  Tutorial 2: Adding Detail...
  Tutorial 3: Canyon Scene...
  Tutorial 4: Importing Yosemite Park...
  Tutorial 5: The Making of Ski Trails...
  Tutorial 6: Forest House...
  Tutorial 7: Using Planting Zones...