Why GroundWiz Planter?

GroundWiz PlanterTM

GroundWiz Planter is a mass placement and instancing tool for 3ds Max/VIZ. In fact, 3ds Max comes with pretty handy tool Scatter and there are scripts on the net to handle placing instances.

However, what makes GroundWiz Planter powerful and different from other tools is all the controls it gives, handling millions of instances of 3d objects in 3ds Max/VIZ at interactive speed. GroundWiz Planter allows you to choose what plants (your own objects) to place, where to place them, what instances of objects to detach/delete/move/rotate/scale/clone, etc. In addition you can use brushing tool to place, delete or select objects. The flexibility and control GroundWiz Planter provides make it possible to create and modify a natural landscape with much ease and precision the way you desire.

The following are key features of GroundWiz Planter:

GroundWiz Planter Reference Guide will give you more specific and detailed information about controls and settings of GroundWiz Planter as well as some examples.

To see how GroundWiz Planter is used to create a natural landscape, you may refer to Tutorial 5: The Making of Ski Trails in the Forest and also Tutorial 6: Forest House (using GroundWiz Map & Planter).