GroundWiz Full & Lite

Currently 2 versions are available: GroundWiz Full & GroundWiz Lite version.

GroundWiz Full:
Fully functional version with all the features can be purchased online and immediately downloaded. For network rendering nodes, there is a special version of GroundWiz available that allows rendering but not modifying GroundWiz objects. For details, please refer to

GroundWiz Lite:
This version of GroundWiz is free for personal non-commercial use for unlimited time. It is a fully functional version with the following limitations.

GroundWiz Terrain Map:
- maximum 5 layers can be rendered at the same time.
- texture maps cannot be used with diffuse color, displacement map or extended channels. In those cases, RGB color can still be used.
- mental ray renderer can render images with a maximum size of 800x600 pixels.

GroundWiz Planter:
- maximum 2 different plants are allowed (no matter if it's one or 2 planters).
- maximum 2 different LODs are allowed.
- detach as mesh and detach as instance features are missing.
- when planting, collision avoidance options are not available (collision detection with planted objects and collision detection with standard max objects are missing).

GroundWiz Variation Map: Maximum 4 variation map slots can be used.

You are free to distribute GroundWiz Lite in any way desired (for companies doing mass distribution or charging for it, please read the License Agreement in the help file).