How to Start GroundWiz Planter

To use GroundWiz Planter, go to Create/Geometry (Picture1). Select GroundWiz in the list and then click on GW Planter. Create a GW Planter where you'd like to locate it.
To start using Planter, go to Modify panel (Picture2). You will be presented with control panels that will let you plant your objects and further modify their placement and look.

1. Create/Geometry panel

2. Modify panel

Each Planter object is treated as a standard 3ds Max object. So if you select and move or scale a Planter object, all of its plants will move and scale accordingly. It's important to know that planting is done in Planter's local coordinates so Up direction will be in whatever direction Planter is rotated. It's recommended that you set the rotation of GW Planter so that Planter's Z axis is aligned with world's Z axis.

The following is the whole control panels of GroundWiz Planter. In Reference Guide, each panel will be explained.