GroundWizTM RTS


Technical Details / Requirements

GroundWiz RTS:

  • Supports DirectX9 and DirectX11. Based on shader compatibility, converting shaders to OpenGL GLSL should involve minimal effort.
  • Requires at least Shader Model 3.0 although shader model versions that support texture arrays (version 4.0 and above) will allow for better composition of multiple ground layers.
  • Data can be directly exported from GroundWiz plug-in for 3ds Max, but it is easy to integrate into custom editors.
  • Terrain map can be mapped onto a mesh of any shape; only position and normal vertex data need to be provided.
  • Image maps for albedo, specular, bump will have UVs generated automatically. Shaders can, however, be modified and more data provided for user's specific needs.
  • Pixel shaders use dynamic loops and currently support up to 20 ground layers. To support more layers, shaders only need to be recompiled.


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