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GroundWiz Variation MapTM: multipurpose variation map

Before GroundWiz Variation Map is applied

After GroundWiz Variation Map is applied

GroundWiz Variation Map is introduced in version 1.500. Variation map allows users to quickly add variations to materials when creating large scenes with many objects - for example creating forests. Usually it's used to create color variations in which case it should be used as a diffuse map. But not limited to diffuse map, also it can be used as opacity map, bump, specular color, glossiness, etc.

When rendering begins, GroundWiz Variation Map (VM) will randomly pick one of the variations for each rendered object. At its core, it's a multi-map similar to Multi/Sub-Object material. The simplest way to use is by setting up the main sub-map and then controlling color variations with mix-in color for each variation map.

GroundWiz Variation Map has diverse parameters to help you quickly add color variations to the nature scenes so that even the same plants look diverse in colors. The followings are some examples of the variation map parameters.

Variation Type
Rule to be used to pick variations when rendering. Supported variation types (rules) are:
Object Name / ID, Object XY Position, Object XYZ Position, and Object Bounds Size

Map Override
Sub map to be used when rendering variation. If not used (button displays 'None') then 'Base Map' will be used.

#1 slot is using 'Map Override'

Rendered image

Each variation slot in VM also controls Presence value (default is 1.0). Bigger value for variation slot will increase chances for that variation to be used.

When presence of each slot is 1

When presence of each slot is 5

Before GroundWiz Variation Map is applied

After GroundWiz Variation Map is applied

Using Variation Map with GroundWiz Planter
Variation map (VM) can work with standard 3ds max objects and is also fully integrated with GroundWiz Planter. This means that it should be very easy to add variations to any number of planted objects handled by GroundWiz Planter.

To learn more about GroundWiz Variation Map, click here.


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