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Can I install and use the software on multiple computers?
According to current Gugila GroundWiz End-User License Agreement, a single user license only allows you to use the software on one computer. You can use License Transfer Utility to move license to another computer, though.

What if I lose my authorization code?
In that case, contact us. Please include product ID and request code in your email.

What if I want to install GroundWiz software on a new computer?
You can transfer license from the old computer to the new one. Use License Transfer Utility.

What if my hardware crashed and how can I activate GroundWiz in another computer?
In this case, please directly contact us and include your product ID in the email. We will help you deactivate the product in crashed computer so that you can reactivate in another one.

How does Gugila ensure customer privacy?
During activation process, the software does not scan your hard drives or collect any data other than the minimum information required to verify your license.


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