GroundWiz Meets Yosemite Park

In this example, we used GroundWiz terrain importer to bring the real Yosemite Park terrain data to 3ds Max. All is possible with GroundWiz Lite and it's also available for free download.


GroundWiz Lite


Real Photo

Picture on the right above is a real photo. One on the left was of course created with GroundWiz. Only 5 layers were used and even beginners can do it. The following 2 pictures are the same valley, rendered from different views. You can also check the fly-over animation and download max scene file and see it/do it for yourself.


And if you wonder how terrain was imported with GroundWiz, refer to Tutorial: Importing Yosemite Park into 3ds Max.

Happy Rendering,
Gugila Team

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